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interval of three hours. The wound is dressed on the fifth day.
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tended that wounds inflicted by the modern small bore are so
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comes worse than the disease. That this disorder can
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On the suggestion of the Pbksidb.nt the matter was allowed to
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bowels which has been alluded to might be often owing to the
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of severe abdominal pain referred principally to the region of
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Committee or to Mr. Francis Fowke at the office of the British
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in the oxygen supply of high altitudes. The adaptive changes that
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was absolutely illegal and beyond the powers of the officer command
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of laxity and weakness of fibre want of tone and paUidity of
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macerated and no heat at all is applied. This extracts a larger
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hemochromogen hema tin with an albuminous radical globin.
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that will impair the health Does it call for treatment
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Farnum states that per cent of all his fracture cases are placed
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of by the various physicians in relation to deaths in
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to which Europeans can be exposed but that is scarcely a
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atrophy of the muscles on the anterior surface of the legs leading to
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It was my privilege also to accept kind invitations to Wertheim s operations
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period mentioned undergone so complete a revolution
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above the brim of the acetabulum. Insertion Inco the
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gout may be inherited and may continue fifty years or
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it the expired air being prevented from returning into the balloon by
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Section of Medical Veterans of the World War and Medical Officers Eeserve
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some imperial octavo volume of pages. Illustrated. Cloth
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tution. The intermediate department of the business embraces
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food. Various substances as dirt lime etc. when accessible
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in connection with the endemicity of yellow fever Is that
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ed into the mass a large quantity of pus roughly estimated at eight
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tissues which is so very noticeable in double hare lip
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peripheral end of the cut vagus is stimulated the heart