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cases of this treatment have been recorded. It is possible that the

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dyes were withheld until the rd week when they were administered in exactly

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having a direct beariniB on the functional state of the

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interior seared with the paquelin cautery. The fluid was

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constant intestinal irritation and each person must determine for him

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before they entered Palestine and it appears that the clan to which

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We find that individuals that have been artificially vaccinated

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scess abscess of the spleen c Specific infection through the umbili

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Dr. Mailhouse Secretary of the Committee on Examinations

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special efficacy in painful affections of the stomach as gastralgia

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be implicated. But the rate of development in an epi

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quently Mr. Blakeney s want of knowledge is on this point excusable.

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sible stage even before the bacillus can be demonstrated. An occasional error of

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Dr Bence Jones discovered that a substance resembling quinine

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Dr. Cilley also adds his testimony to the value of belladonna

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extract of nux vomica and two grains of extract of gentian and


and inertia. The field of enquiry in the study of this

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locum interpretatur. Neque hoc tantum de statu Corporis