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mens must be examined histopathologically to make the
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illustrates the distribution of mortality rates for stomach
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Borchert, of Berlin, on May 1. On the following day a
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project” in fulfillment of requirements for graduation from the
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standards may be approved if completely protected by an
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oil or Margosa oil and may therefore be termed Margosic acid. It is
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who, at the time I attended his lectures, said he could not
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{Specially Reported for the Maryland Medical Journal)
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Coarse hairs are more troublesome than others. 4 An abscess
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rather less marked on the right side, but there is no distinct
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of 30 percent care beds, in single or double occupancy rooms,
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surgery still plays a critical role in fistulae which remain
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a walk with her husband ; but after walking about a mile, pain
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into the jungle behind Trincomali, raises a most interesting problem no
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be appreciated fully if thermometers with adequate ranges
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ment, reducing inappropriate uses of diagnostic radiology,
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gout. The patient suffered from well-marked gastric crises,
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and great discoveries are bound to come before long, the pro-
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and olecrana with tendency to crack. The flexor aspects of
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Clinic. In 81 percent of the patients, the diagnosis was based
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continuing medical education by itself does not necessarily
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The orifices of the lacteals and lymphatics, therefore, by
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^ Anatomia Humani Corporis, tab. xxiii, Lond. 1837.
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intracranial parasympathetic system, the vagal activity has
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soon as they are approved by the New Jersey State Depart-
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tively recently that an attempt has been made to collect the
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clonus. No response follows tickling the soles of the feet, but
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are dark purple, from haemorrhagic infiltration, and this
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{Read before the Philadelphia County Medical Society,
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Dr. Crawford'^ and Dr. Davy/ that when dogs or sheep are exposed to
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Post-mortem examination^ made six hours after death, by
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chloride 95, and total CO: 17mM/liter. Blood ethanol was
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sure of this, and to see whether the blood might not be kept
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order of priority. Millions of Americans feel differently,
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S-3354 Imperiale (An Act Concerning the Prescribing, Adminis-
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(7) Arthur H. One hand perfect and the other and both
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organizations will be permitted to photocopy articles in The
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But I formerly laid before the Royal Society a haddock with
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strate the accuracy of his \iews, because he had already done