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mind when any doubt arises with regard to cold applications in any of

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while in 1,420 cases treated medicinally it was 1.4 per cent. I have

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peanuts, both of which, by the way, when properly handled,

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for it is pulled too green. In California it is better, but not

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cases does come, prematurely. Remember, one cannot live on

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the contrary, in cases suffering from elevated temperatures and great

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ist works not for any selfish motive ; of all men, such experi-

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and Stille survive. Da Costa is probably the nestor, a great

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jtlaiuly that the Church has lost its power in all, or nearly all

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the plaques now present a characteristic reticulated appearance (plaques

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freely equal to green corn. The small amount of maizenic

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very severe, ice on the ship was twenty-five cents a pound,

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Local congestions are removed, the circulation of the joints is improved,

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down as wishy-washy diet. They give up much water on

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help to practitioners of medicine, and of untold benefit to

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his noble efforts have borne good fruit. Blood-letting in the

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diluted — and if this fails he must be lifted into bed and further stimu-

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ing albuminoids into peptones. The juice of the papaw has

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Intestinal irriiiation is to be tried, and various disinfectants and

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Recently, ^loiitreal. wbicli it i? >aid has been notoriousl.v

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sants ; Avhile, if it be true, as before stated, that pneumonia usually kills

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24. and 42 of Plate 1. were drawn from fresh blood, without the camera lucida.

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As a rule, to get the finer specimens now, we must spray the

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obtained from the use of antitoxic serum in diphtheria and certain other

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teachers, among whom is Prof. F. A. Hoffman, of Leipzig, who says :*

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it may be used for the youngest child, continued as long as necessary,

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The view that pneumonia is an infectious disease, whose chief rec-

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symptom is absent throughout the entire course, and always its character

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general .symptoms become more marked. The fever remains high (the

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This is of practical importance, and tells us why diabetics