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perceptible on the cutaneous surface, i.e., externally only. Even in
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^ "The Complicating Conditions, Associated Diseases, and Mortality-rate in Ery-
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tershire, England, and a pupil of John Hunter, first made known to the
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his debtor. J. Aitken Meigs, his successor, long since de-
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convenience, and if unsuccessful an operation may be done with
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come emphysematous. The right ventricle is, as a rule, hypertrophied.
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which at first is confined to certain lobules, though it may later involve
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calming influence of the wet pack upon the cerebral circulation that we
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science has not yet entered on its elementary stage. That is why
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easily understood. A. Frey has ascertained by the sphygmograph and
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these symptoms is noticed a pyriform stvelling of the parotid glands,
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"Inject a syringeful every minute till the pulse returns ; then, once
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Bouchut and Dulinsay consider the grade of leukocytosis of prognostic
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veins ; but be very guarded at every point in this work. In-
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pale or rosy-red color. The patches do not assume any regular shape
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is there not a scabies, or something like that, behind, which allows
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forty cases in all of which after radiation the nervous syuijitoms
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per cent.) pneumonia ends in induration, and is found upon section to be
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has been kept in readiness on the other side of the bed and allowing the
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ful, and may be accomplished in private practice also, as I shall show.
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ture, rapidly and briefly applied under good atmospheric pressure,
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(3) There is a liability to mistake the acute arthritis of infants for
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18.3° C). No one other than the doctor and nurse should be allowed
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July, 1891, page 19, Dr. Wilson says : " This treatment has consisted
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are vain" of keepers of eating houses. The Federal authorities
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hemophilia, eff"usion into the joints, either hemorrhagic or serous in
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at certain times there are only a few cases, while at others there is a
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the peripheral thermic and mechanical irritation with the largest
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skin is inflamed and sAvollen and the itching and burning become almost
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being sometimes expelled in one or two, and in other cases in from fif-
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method entirely prevail. The present American method,
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pressure, was rapidly passed over her in a sitting-posture. She again fainted.
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and at enormous prices, as, for instance, champagne of a cer-
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possible to supply such a lower elass as I have mentioned it might
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the irrigation may be made longer and the meal of less substantial
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