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mJnes should be inquired fnto The ^chairman, however, said that Dr.
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the title of " scapulalgia. " Much attention was paid by Richet
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rected to the absence of a similar return from the Director-
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and respiratory organs. For many years he was editor of
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could be disposed of for the wounded ; and that every pre-
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Society was held on April isih. Dr. T. C. Railton, President,
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the liquid carbonic acid contained in the steel bottle b. A
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elapses. The two indications which guide me are the presence
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two long series of lectures : one on fractures of the leg, the
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eases. To one point, however, we wish to draw special atten-
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fees during the financial year 18i:»l-2 was over £15,600. This is a
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been followed by disastrous results. Whenever I find 1^
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British Medical Association held at Nottingham, July, 1892.
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The CiiAiKMAN stated that Mr. Asquith had three times
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suspected a woman of killing chUdren, and he communicated
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cases, but not until a typhoid patient had contracted infec-
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tribution, and the probable causes of such defects.
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Pier Hotel. Sandown, on Wednesday. May 31st. The general meeting will
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Eccles, and treats of 28 cases of intussusception. We learn
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has just sent ten military doctors and twenty assistants to Tashkend, and
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Medical StatF, who have no reason to be ashamed in proclaiming them-
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that disease during life, and in all the organs after death, a
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knowledge with which the author has dealt with a complex
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this District will take place on Friday, May isith, at the Hospital, Graves-
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being allowed to engage in private practice. The deputation
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students of the " College " obtain theirs in tlie Royal Infir-
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specimens removed from, a man, aged 50, who came to him
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S.irgeon-irinjnr (;■ n-rals nt Malta.— Dr. MacGrfgor asked the Secretary
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any deficiency of iroc in the blood, and that unused iron is
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the lungs and heart appeared, healthy. On the morning of
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department on the twelfth day. This man's tongue was
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London Post Graduate Couese, Hospital for Consumption, Brompton,
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personal questions, which are apt to complicate such ques-
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part appeared to be rather stagnant. It would be well to pro-
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his laboratories, recognising always that the university has
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attainment reached by successful candidates at the pre-