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ear. Office and residence at Hotel Putnam, 93 Warren Street, Boston.
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the Congress and President of the Section on Anatomy,
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The annual meeting of the Boston Homoeopathic Medical
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tions: New York Academy of Medicine, the New York Pathological
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portion of iron in the newborn animal is decidedly large, but it diminishes
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I had already written up the subject : but, after procuring and reading
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"The Recent Epidemic of Poliomyelitis (Jnl. of Amer. Med. Asso., Dec. 21,
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Lean has achieved a prominence in her profession which
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York County Medical Society; Academy of Medicine, vice-president
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and Philadelphia : Boericke & Tafel) ; also Rau, Organon
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The Popular Science Monthly, in its February issue, has
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monous inflammation. Hydrogen peroxide also renders
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ing the use of the pessary in cases where the uterus is not likely
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istic abilities, large hospitality, and broad-minded patri-
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Surgical and Grce^ologTcal Asociaiion, a:: asscciaxiGC
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authority. In 1891 he again went East to study hospitals.
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ways, it seems to me, of explaining those pulmonary hemor-