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change for the better is observed after the second or third
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will not exhibit mellituria following the ingestion of 5 ozs. (150 gms.) of
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Its appearance is usually temporary, and unattended by any evi-
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stupendous objects, such as high mountains, tremendous
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are required for special purposes, they will be found described in
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5th. The sympathetic or radiated irritation corresponds, and is
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"Hope from his presence grew, strength from his bearing;
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Hie next symptomatic indication is to moderate the habitual shortness
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of typhoid fever in a well-regulated hospital, where a tub is
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the close of his career in the hearing of hundreds of his professional
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B. Systolic and diastolic blood pressure: Both were affected and
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Laryngosfopic examination shows that the mucosa is reddened and swollen,
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severe typhus or typhoid fevers; malignant scarlet fever; small-pox;
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h'psy, am! forty-one had tlu" morphine hal>it. The results eorreH|)on(ied,
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improvement of hearing was noticed. In the one case, the iridec-
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tion of many times the minimum fatal dose of tetanus
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that the child manages by one effort to slip down in the nurse's lap,
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eases due to the use of glasses. We know an emmetropic eye is rare ;
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judgment as to the most proper situation to operate in these
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the Edinburgh Asylum, communicates to the Edinburgh Medical Journal
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I think it may therefore be accepted that external irritants —
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i;; ,-. !<• tiliv<-~, .md hi-lwrtn tlicni .nid tlir -lir.nli-. In llic m-ii;lil" infli""d
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caused vomiting. From then until January 2S, when thi- patient was
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PoisHon (L.) Traitement (b-s ost6o-arthrites tubercu-
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Articulation Unequal Development Caries Dislocation
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There are over five hundred illustrations, and an extended and
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Books for review and all communications relating to the columns of the journal, should be
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As yet the virus has not been discovered in the blood of
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teenth century these methods were more or less in vogue.
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writers, though arsenic and mercury are recommended