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There were large numbers of Howell- Jolly bodies in the red
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On the question of the relation of hepatic abscess to dysentery.
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who suffered from injury over the knee-joint is also given, it
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are, in the large majority of cases, dislocated uterine myomata;
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fectious; and although not generally believed to be so in this country, I regard it
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Diseases of the Ear. (Wien. Med. Woch., No. 73. Anatomical
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deviation of men from the paths of virtue than the natural desires within them.
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to the cortical area responsible for the elaboration of the basic
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On the Th'eatment of Croup by Humid Vapour of the Sulphide of
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Respecting yellow fever, and its relations to other forms
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The author draws the following conclusions m)m his own observa-
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influence the estranged party to prescribe himself or herself as an antidote (as 1 have
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mia will be seen to flush and pale with each heart-beat.
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plasma chlorid has been 589 mg., the lowest 568 mg. per 100
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the lungs of one of their patients doubly proves their ignorant blindness, and their
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is dry, the temperature high, and the wind blowing from the
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by headache, want of sleep, breathlessness, giddiness, &c., the bromide
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vulsed, and its equilibrium overthrown. Hence it is not the religious excitement,
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that the sympathetic nerve is at the root of all the mischief, is
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from one another. It may be urged that the presence of a
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ould ii"t the means of instruction be better prepared, and rendered far more
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fected, probablv by arrivals iVom France ; and there were also that year numerous
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with morphia or codeia. We do not wonder that Dr. Brown-
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the growth of populations relates to " generation.'' Now the
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found in the lungs. However, there are exceptions to this ; and when these excep-
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to the step taken in Erance, the Epidemiological Society had memo-
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operation, which might partially account for the greater mor-
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an organic life, for its building up and repair, which, as a
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* Frothingham, Fitz, Folin, and Denis, Arch. Int. Med., 1913, vol. xii,
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give a small dose of the Eeart Regulator, in a little water, and repeat it, if necessary—
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in such a manner as they may think best, on the subjects brought
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mildness of the case probably being due to the fact that it was
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The term fit or convulsion is applied to all kinds of spasmodic affections, such as
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contractile substance, and it is obvious that the essential attri-
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he who has devoted his attention more particularly to the
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and laborious. These appearances are followed by a very different series. A glow
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particularly in paralysis, there are some forms of nervous debility in
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tolerance test showed no impairment of assimilation.
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presses the neck above the larynx, closing the OBsophagus^ whilst the
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had existed for a long period. In case 9, the lad was tall,