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safeguarded by all antiseptic precautions. The ulcer of
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attack of typhoid fever developed pain in both knees right became
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the fenestrated membrane and a kaloptric dioptric apparatus consist
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splints in an aseptic condition. Another thing the perforations
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P Pulmonic pulsation and where the snap is felt from closure of the
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six cases. His first operation upon the stomach was in a
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surgeons were apt to think that the splints could be dis
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evidence of Mr. Aikman one of the Assistant Medical Officers
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says a tendency towards insidious valvular changes must be
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coagulum appears to be more voluminous. The bright red coloration
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faces of three porcelain cups with a diameter often centimetres. The
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and the buccal membrane of a brownish hue. This is the dumb
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wound and the woman was completely cured in three weeks without contortion
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have visited any class of our farm animals during this year.
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was surrounded by pus contained in its otherwise normal parenchyma
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which he had suffered severe and incessant pain for the last
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flour soup whiskey California Tokay eolTee tea punch iced champagne
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offered the former was accepted by the assistance of which the
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washed out with distilled water the washings being added to the
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IS then called the glanderous rot. This stage is always fate the
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the most essential phases and mutations of medical opinion in times
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as evidence of the efficacy of their medicine. In several maga
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Such diseases may be said to dwell in certain localities having
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We should not forget that our American veterinary journals
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a serious danger for society and especially in the Northern and
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torment of the belly and sinking of the intestines whenever
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tetanus this is incorrect. I have examined cases of trismus in
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ZVz cm. long the shape and size of an almond being displaced downwards
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Amongst them may be mentioned the works of Churchill
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for the importance of renal treatment to eliminate the toxins
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structed on the outside and according to the most improved methods
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The operation proved very difficult mechanically because of
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sown. These warning figures tell that during the last twenty
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haps some other vulgarly constructed treatises on the
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nourishment. In swine it is known as gout or foot disease.
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This act was passed in and the object of the motion he