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seated on an attendant's lap, he passes his left index finger into the
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purpose 1 raised the frontal lobe, but found that the tumour was really a
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sistency can be considered reliable only when the examiner is sure
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memory has entirely gone. The mind may labour xmder the strangest
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broadly-grooved staff, and by aid of a finger in the
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in our present state of knowledge really to differentiate these two
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40 grammes of fluid were drawn off. This slight operation had a
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or foot adze, is a good stationary trough, for the hogs
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which uniformly attends a temperate, busy life. The good-
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usually so prevalent among the bovine as it proves to be in the
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Like a sinister, fearful vampire she sucked their blood, thus weak-
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slipped in its longitudinal axis. Diagnosis of this
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Dr. Dali has several major areas of research interest, including
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by the cohabitation of the children of tubercular patients.
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principally, and in some cases only % Why should so many careful
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Specimens from Pine Creek, by Prof. B. C. Buffum, presumably
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clinical significance than wais sugar itself. A return to the
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sary, also sterile normal saline solution, and freshly prepared antisep-
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under very heavy shell fire. He showed splendid courage and self-sacrifice.
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here — without much reading, nor remembered with-
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organs. In this work first the leucocytes, later the fixed tissue
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given by the trustees, and additional sums of $25,000 and
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even in large number, into the vagina of pregnant or nonpregnant women,
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period of activity or indulgence is nature's warning
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less hard: some of these masses are even scybalous, such as are
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Professor of Materia Medica and Small Animal Clinic,
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side of cities. These nurses will conduct welfare work particularly in
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fever, after which he made two voyages to South Africa as a ship's
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experiments by which Davy illustrated those relations
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typhoidin^ than the Pirquet cutaneous method introduced by Gay and
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of Yellow Fever in rhiladelphia in 1870. "'^ Thus he writes : " It is needless to
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June 7th the patient came to my office, and reported