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this disease is contagious. But how and by what ways is it
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germicidal action, and long pent up in the body becomes sterile, the pyo-
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whether it be deposited there by a process of degeneration or by infiltration. If
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yellowish nodule, the size of a pea, near the diaphragmatic
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syphilis, the most deplorable accident by which carelessness or misfortune
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duced into the system in many ways. Pickles kept in glazed,
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bacterial substances, is required. On the other hand, pyogenetic lesions
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physiological saline solution. Add 0.5 ml of a young (18- to 24-
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Soelberg Wells on Diseases of the Eye. Edited by Chas.
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analyses. If the blood is at once chilled in ice water and
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doubted, except by the most prejudiced and blinded physician. Tetanus
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ml of a 0.2-percent sterile solution of sodium citrate in physiologic
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his medical studies in Philadelphia until his graduation as a physician. In 1849, ne
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The entire household of Louis Philippe of France was poisoned by
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culture should be carefully examined under the microscope, before per-
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The moral of all this is evident. Let those whose position
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selves or their friends to medical treatment in which they not
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away on a long journey, and is able to recall its incidents. Occasionally,
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followed. A competent nurse from the beginning until the case
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In regard to the active principle of the plant, some say the
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m. below). Stopper tightly and place in the dark at room tempera-
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existed previously, and indeed Murchison has identified it with a disease
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dence that they are sensitive to these flowers. One less obvious
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From this theory he deduces another, to the effect that the ex-
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nancy, and it is said they may develop following delivery. Also,
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that has persistently resisted our chosen remedies. Not recog-
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should have given a favorable prognosis ; for there was nothing
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dyspnoea, which may be rapidly fatal, unless promptly relieved by suitable
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lutions it was noted to be closer to 1.028 than to 1.024 and hence
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in an atmosphere devoid of oxygen, and, so far as the best evidence goes,
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morbillous catarrh — both respiratory and intestinal — frequently persists at
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accurate diagnosis. Boils and skin abscesses during convalescence are not
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(5) above, diluting a proper volume of the hundredfold
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" go round " with our present number of " colleges " : by all
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determined. The changes to be prevented and the means to avoid
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very slight causes, and are liable to suffer from diarrhoea and
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ance. Subcutaneous injection into guinea pigs provokes