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are transformed into albumoses by the action of pepsin, papayotin, or

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cells which the udders studied were secreting at the time they

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Nitrites in all the effluents average from 0.5 to 0.8 parts and nitrates

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wart, Schwalbach, and particularly Szliacs in Upper Hungary. The

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separate lines which come to the same end. Like true Crithidia,

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"The Influence of Alcohol and Chloroform on Phagocytosis in vitro," Jour. Am. Med. Assoc, 1907,

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not sufficiently dilated, was not any more satisfactory. It had been

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the isolation of single micro-organisms as described in previous

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tration," or officials of different classes, who conduct their operation

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bon dioxide, the lower may be the temperature. The temperature varies

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or can provide adequate and uniform security for those great public interests

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Stellwag von Carion and some other authors refer to a membranous

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made : " During the last fortnight, a gradually increasing power of

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better than an animal diet, because it contains more water. The daily

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dangerous one. In this case death occurred, in the first experiment

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rise loith the aggregation. The mortality of the Dublin Lying-in

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mitted light. Microscopically it is brown, rather dark at the center, fading toward

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pathogenicity for white mice was determined. In this way we

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found to be elected : — Dr Bennett, Mr Hawkins, Dr Acland, Dr Andrew Wood,

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Rothe^^ (1909), noting the preliminary reports of Widal,^» tested the agglutinating

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is very apt to lead to the exhaustion of the patient, especially if the

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capillaries do not exist in the air-cells. But does it follow from this

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obtained with smaller amounts of lecithin. For the sake of brevity

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chloroform narcosis, or, much oftener, an enema of chloral hydrate and

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it took effect. This frequent repetition of the dose was always irk-

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hours of sleep obtained. The breathing, though still croupy, was

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by its beneficial action in typlms, in which disease, according to Dr

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who succumbs to the disease, but only where the constitution at

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