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reported as presenting albumin and casts, but I have no
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with hemorrhages and was very ill about the middle of the month. The
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given. Post-graduate schools can be excluded at once, be-
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solution of formalin and of the potassium permanganate to disinfect 500
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the urine of a man of forty is very suspicious. " Kraus, 1893,
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In those cases — ^the so-called cryptogenetic infections — in which a local
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hypersemic Peyer's patches without any sloughing may be seen higher up
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ruptured were not eligible. Now the ubiquitous solicitor
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not, then it is the business of the company to deal with them.
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neuritis are regarded as due to the alcohol given during the attack.
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and grandchildren, coming on between the fifteenth and six-
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an intermediate stage necessary to the development of secondary abscesses.
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last edition of their work, is one of the most instructive. Much of our knowl-
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bodies increase in size the structure becomes complex. A deeply stained
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number, the two inoculations being given at an interval of two weeks. The
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as B. dysenterioe. But to know the type of bacillus it is necessary to test
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stretcher is used, the patient being placed on it and then lifted into the tub.
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ing it. Petit Mai is also overlooked by the applicant, and
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eration about the l}^nph sinus and that about the follicular artery. The
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emia of the kidney, due to a condition of the circulation pure
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day or two by the true crisis. Among 54 pseudocrises collected from 500
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Of a thousand cases like the favorable one cited, it is in-
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course, with the triple responsibility of the examiner, sound-
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and peihaps even before the rash is completely out. The hemorrhagic form
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eruptions and wheals. These exanthems occur most frequently on the
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secondary infections longer than any other portion of the body. Con-
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often been produced by infection from one person to another. In many cases
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a doubt that they are always associated with the presence of pediculi and are
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hemorrhages, and to the ammonaemic mtoxication which is necessarily
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internal conditions. The vital forces seem to recede from
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(2) endocarditis, and (3) pericarditis. In almost all the severe cases, how-