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opticus and corpus striatum. An anomalous form is the occurrence of
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of horse sickness are all but unknown in South African racing-
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prevalent amongst the profession that in order to become eligi-
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tic ; but it should be used with caution if the treatment
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ney. When cut into, it looked fatty; and examined under the micro-
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oculaire. Bull, et m6ui. Soc. fran9. d'opht., Par., 1894, xii,
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to a litre flask containing the sterilized water in which it
pyridium child dose
she was closely exposed, has a sensitive throat, with
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intussusception are as follows : Pain is more or less prominent, at first parox-
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the interior counties of our State, who I fear may have carried the
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great to you, consider then that her glories were purchased by
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chance of cure, (which, alas, is very rare,) lies in early cutting out, or
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capsule to the muscles and fascia. The wound was closed
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and practice ? * It is for the very reason that we have no
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that they may occur in faintly acid, in neutral, and in faintly alkaline
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Thorium X is easily administered in 0.9$ sodium chlorid solution,
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to make use of his own son's needless sufl'erings as an added argument
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pulley of the orbit The eye, now entirely out of the orbit, hung on the cheek. This
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are called to a case of rotheln and told that the patient
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convulsion (as in a case recorded by M. Depaul) may snap the thread
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culiar to the first few weeks. This goes on steadily from
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conditions — namely, first from absolute organic change in the