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"Spikenard has been recommended as an alterative in rheuma-

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Iris versicolor has been extensively employed with much ad-

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Taraxacum is another of the simple plant remedies which

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stances, to micturate voluntarily, and the bladder is never allowed

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by the celebrated Dr. Bowditch to do so as a means of im-

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thereby increases the quantity of oxygen in the system. It in-

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1904. Richardson, INIark W., 145 State House, Boston.

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in front of Gruendike's house, awaiting the call to

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current of air consequent upon narrowing of the tubes, al-

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likewise are the clinical advantages of the school made suf-

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arch ; or a more general distribution, where the arteries feel

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rank and file, to irregular practitioners, to osteo-

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that of the carotid. Work in this direction, as well as in the

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were resumed. The injections were used twice daily for a