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cording to Sir James Melville, who wrote a short biography

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ration), "Brain," 1912 ; "Retrobulbar Neuritis in Frontal Tumours,"

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years his fame as a skillful and successful surgeon won both popular

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an old and honored friend. In the May issue of " The North-

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the track modern bullets make in the soft parts, as it was

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experiments, a wound made through a cloth uniform by

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Bullets often pass through the orbit without touching the

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and the gratitude especially of those on whom is imposed

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wilderness of an unrevisecl Materia Medica. The book is ex-

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whose names are eminently identified with the art of obstetrics

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The simple fact that transcendently minute portions of matter

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or on harbor excursions. My ideal plan would be, to meet the

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prominence which dwarfs the importance of all others. These

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diploma. Dr. Ladinski, however, thought it preferable to become

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before treating of the effects of the drug as a whole.

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dry and warm, and it may often seem advisable to make a change of climate.

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Crime," Scott County Medical Society, Davenport, lost-a,

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attend the meeting of the General Assembly at Omaha.

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sity of Louisville, Kentucky. He retained this position

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— In ordinary fractures reduction is an important procedure,

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home at the age of fourteen, and worked about the coun-

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first aid treatment of a wound — to symptoms of irritation,

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In 1848 Dr. Rochester was elected a member of the New York Patho-

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the patient forced to use the means for recovery. Like the vic-

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Bang, both of German birth. Dr. Bang's father was an officer in

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Kings County Medical Association, March 10, 1S91, and

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coupled with his own name that of Mr. Marcus Beck, surgeon

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per cent., according to the official figures. Even the

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fully with certain pulmonary diseases. American surgeons have

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The subscriptions were mostly limited to one dollar

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of lesion. Two indentations tend to give rise to aneurysmal

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passages, denoted by circulatory troubles in the head and

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