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be able to protect itself by putting a stop to the thermogenetic chemical
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series, again, we may sometimes trace out the nature of the decompo-
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in another' over 2 lbs. (920 grammes), in another about 11 lb. (070
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of the corresjjonding serum, the mixture injected into an animal is harm-
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parent ; anterior chamber and deep-seated humors in a healthy state ;
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or two thousand times greater than that required to confer an antece-
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an increased effusion of plasma from the blood. The extent of this
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days he found a number of organisms developed on the nutrient medium
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Toilet of Patient. — She is dressed in clean night-clothes turned up
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gave to the faintest impressions of light the power of exciting distinct
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indicated, it is true that the microbes may be found outside the abscess
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(neutrophile haemal) and the hyaline (coelomic) respectively.
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health resort towns along the coast. To the north the protection is not
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and ten at night — was 53.17. The spring average, 66.06 ; summer
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thereby increase or decrease the functions of those parts. We can
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Coarsely Granular Basophile. — When found free in ccelomic fluid, round nucleus
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anticipated. The malignancy of the cholera was such as to kill patients
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ture with tinct. of kino, or sulphate of quinine in syrup of roses. Dr.
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often the case that cancer of the penis occurs with individuals laboring