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sist in shortening, changes in histological structure of its walls,

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these cells themselves. There was rather scanty pigment in the muscularix

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Cardiac support was begun early in those cases showing either

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predominating symptom, and only after a most exhaustive study in

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ination, and the examination of its serum. These important technical

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gained from the examination of a smear, the taking of a culture

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Since that report I have had several cases of more or less severe tic of

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converge above the sternum ; and Eustace Smith's sign, a venous hum

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which it appears that two years after the beginning of the treatment cure

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operation require attention. Of these the most common are — Pericolitic,

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number of those who hold that chlorosis is characterized by a normal,

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She reentered my service in Charity Hospital, August 7, 1886, being

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tablish the view that during this long period of toleration there are

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Atrophy were all positive. Thirteen cases of paralysis of the

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but slightly disturbed in most cases and in some not at all.

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and an unfailing source of revenue to the quack; the former,

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dermatitis herpetiformis was selected. The term dermatitis, owing to

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ordinarily the emotional, fearful patients do not do so well after

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The great central object of medicine is the cure of disease, and

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advisability of pylorectomy, and did not expect to remain under

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favor of the direct extirpation of the sac, rejecting the aseptic ligature upheld

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Dr. King's Manual is an excellent type of the class of books which a

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suppuration before she was seen. She was put on salicylate of

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to read his opinion as to the superiority of scientific artificial

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than 25% of the cases of pneumonia in New York City was due to

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know is, that at or preceding the time these changes are taking place in

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a manner, however, as the English profession. I think they were

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parent often witnesses the decline and early death of his newly

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circulatory disturbances occur in other portions of the digestive

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the pedicle of the tumor was severed after the application of the elastic

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ing chorea there is a strongly marked tendency to active insanity or

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welding together and fibrous transformation. In the great majority of

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"morale behind the lines ;" for the purpose of causing disintegration

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practice he has refrained from giving it, owing to the large and nauseous

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difficulty of avoiding the ureteric opening was also worthy of note.

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through the system that the physician has outlined.

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the man one grain of opium every twenty-four hours.

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cerning mitral stenosis. Before the memoir of M. Fauvel, in 1843, the

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beef. For the balance of the three months to these may be added

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use of both drugs, ether should still be preferred, for the author's analysis ot

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for adults being 221 grains, and that for children 112 grains nearly. In the