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the horny layer, with a want of tone in the muscles of the skin, especially

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tissue. From this cause the tonsils may become very large and hard ;

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The tubercle bacilli were cultivated on Dorset's egg medium for from 4

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See C^onnter-nppenl (A) to tbe pul)lic, touching the

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best artificial food was tiie pure cow's milk. Sterilization

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discovery of the healing serum is entirely the result oi

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alcohol, and I at once stained them after Gram's method.

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mammary glands and the specific dj^namic action^^ of the foodstuffs burn-

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alone. In Dr. (riles's original paper, out of the 309 ventrifixations,

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cepting for those cases which from various circumstances are unsuitaUe

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their horses allowed for some time after < 26, 1859.

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We desire to see that money left to institutions by will for spe-

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elastic spring. At a certain pressure-height the fluid meniscus exhibits

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in 1778, on a girl of 11 years, who was suffering from

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American Surgeons in Franco-Prussian Was. Washington B.

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the chair. The affair was rendered more interesting

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fore at once made in the site of the anus, the bent

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will transcend those of any other in the increase of

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on Ethics; Syntax Distanced ; The Lost Shuttle: The Value of the Diploma Illus-

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normal in the morning to 102° F., in the evening for the

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membrane, as the lip or vulva — suffice to render the diagnosis

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clear and thorough discussion of each injury. Diagno-

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vomiting of stercoraceous matter, and a constipated

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much burnt. The prisoner was accused of having murdered her, and then

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Effects of Concretions and Foreign Bodies. — Although concretions may

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are not adherent in rouleaux, and are crenated and broken down and the

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from his feet — the same happens in sudden accessions of syncope

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showed as many as four species of Anophelines, and three of them

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Neither should I fail to call attention to the frequency

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advocated the internal use of urotropin in this disease, in order

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ing, nor in any other way. I am much disposed therefore to agree

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past, I have relied wholly on the vaccine lymph, fur testing those on whom any ma-

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that the substances introduced into the mixtures of aldehvde and anhvdride