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law is an indication that either the people through their represen

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gradually established. In the more severe and chronic forms there are

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The discussion of aphasia in the Academy of Medicine in

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occurred in a delicate female was treated with tonics and local

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and proximately from the breach of duty. Negligence

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dilatation. I nna employed it in the treatment of keloids. Latzko

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and pulmonary congestion and prevent further throm

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The cells of PurJcinje show nothing beyond the usual wide variation

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diet for a short time when there is no motor insufficiency. If rennet

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drawn off morning and evening. The warm bath with leeches

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strength of ten per cent. free salicylic acid when of one

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ciated with some byproduct or impurity rather than the methyl alco

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know which of the urinary solids are easily excreted

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in C. suecirubra where it has been carefully studied ap

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the lumen of the internal jugular vein. In this case there

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I was driving over here yesterday and I saw a blue flower in

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Carcinoma of the ascending colon and its treatment with

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favouring of the limb which thus wastes the muscles

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and the general condition of the patient justifies the use

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cludes The writer is convinced that the frequency of recurrence

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thirty seven with but one fatal issue. Dr. Seibert s results have

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Laboratory of the Inland Eovcnue Department Ottawa Canada

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examining the abdominal cavity the only abnormalities noted

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