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of the blood flowing to the surface and aconite in moderate doses al-

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been asked what becomes of the seminal secretions if not passed off

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sound in order to appreciate this. You simply appreciate

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error that to use the plane mirror " the observer should be seated more

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under certain strongent conditions, to enter the town for the purpose of asking

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tended for milking purposes, a good milker must be selected, for

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duction, and upon that theory based the plan of treatment which he

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blood corpuscles and depress or paralyze the nervous system. Their anti-

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quence of their not being permitted to go to pasture, and their

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infection. Isolation is cruel, a fearful waste of labor,

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Radiologist, New York Hospital. Consultant, Memorial

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very discouraging. We will make a thorough operation, taking

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eyes and ears open, can realize how complicated are nearly all case3

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L. E. V = fH, irregular astigmatism with the ophthal-

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range in an earthenware pipkin, with one pint of cold water, and

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fitted, while nineteen were still under treatment. The writer believes that

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various methods by which remedies may be given internally.

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ToDT, W. C, acting assistant surgeon. Granted leave of

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Murdock, George W., Cold Spring, Putnam Co. Founder.

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their interests subsequently and carry out a logical after-

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This was a disease strongly emphasised by Dr. Colcott Fox, and it was

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tion, entire front of eye destroyed. Left eye : mode-

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favourite resort for Londoners during many centuries. The Ascension

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plate of the Canada Thistle, as well as the two of the Bull Thistle.

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increases the tendency to constipation by increasing

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authorities very generally agree that in altitudes,

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— the long, searching, written and oral examination, conducted

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certain diagnostic procedures and physiological considera-

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performed by Eleazar in the presence of the Emperor

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union of this " life" with the tissues of the body, may be nearly comprised