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Attention has been drawn to the fact that the mesonephric tubules

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Laying aside therefore altogether the subject of vaccination we

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affected limb. The constant current is also useful in

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metres in the day. In cases with large cavities the chief anaount is

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the difficulty of breathing relieved by copious fweats flowing

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and coordinated movements. They are known under a great variety of

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is not unreasonable in idea. Galvanism may be employed in any case

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chief subjects discussed and have now only to supplement

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The conditions of the ovary which cause its enlargement are described

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A M. and make the injection some time during the evening de

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the pathies and is it then a battle cry for the trium

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the Medical World of Philadelphia. Among other vol

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cause decided pain and even some haemorrhage and there

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swears to their conjoined theory. For this cause medical expert

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little or no value except to those having no other means. In taking

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show that the swine typhus cultures will not absorb the agglutinins

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be enabled to press more immediately with the back of the hand

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typical and characteristic of the disease. He died of pneumonia

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the part of the Burgeon is most frequently followed by

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in all probability it will be found that the material which is secreted

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the second left frontal convolution with functions in every

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down to and respectively in minutes. Fifty minutes later the

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toscopy Diffuse ulceration about ureterovesical anastomo

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The cystic and choledoch ducts are sometimes the seat of a con

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purest of saccharine concretions seems to have been

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germicide unless the increased carbonic acid tension in the joint the

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fied mucous membrane of the mouth by dropping the virus on

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gastric catarrh. Leegeu formulates the indications for the use of

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circulation compensated in this manner for the undue develop

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reported cases with two deaths and Krug cases also with two

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the syphilitic poison has been acquired by the inhabitants of

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The principle of the method is the decolorization of an iodin

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cessful as in his practice. He did not press his claims. He waited