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Having acted for many years as an examiner at our University T
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every three hours. Or instead of the camphor and opium pills
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A number of important facts reveal themselves in the study of this
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by the mouths of those lymphatics that enter into the
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became very stagnant. This pond receives drainage from the
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To have atropine ointment and a compress and bandage
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flammation with ulceration or abscess of the pharynx
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of degeneration was present in any of the affected muscles
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connected with the terminals by platinum wires. From Spencer.
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Was delivered at full term by a midwife of a still born
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cut the artery and he was bleeding to death when Surgeon Lieutenant V.
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to hospital surgeons for the preparation of their patients
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surfer from pleuritis due possibly to over exertion combined
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the intra ocular tension. This fact is so well known by
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Tapoor bath has been found a useful remedy in some syphilitic
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jaw and the sustaining power of his restless diaphragm.
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to the Royal Infirmary Glasgow who gave a most brilliant address to the
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typhoid symptoms appear and their approach is always an
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insomnia and other corresponding disturbances of the nerv
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neither one gives a history of any protracted illness