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effect attendant upon its administration such as extreme relaxation of
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The author related typical cases of two distinct kinds of syphilitic infection
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Gouty afi ections of the spinal marrow are as yet not under
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treatment. A week from the beginning of the attack
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be very irregular it may be present after every meal or only
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Chief Pool were turned into Mr. Mathews field. A few days ago a
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ulates to further efforts rather than soothes to rest There is no
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nier. Cylindrome de la glande lacrymale operation de
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down and some simple ointment or oil smeared over it so that the
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of the fornix conjunctivae where the conjunctiva is re
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vulgarly called uhers of the lungs but which Laennec desig
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ently it gave birth and then deserted its off spring. But the
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so characteristic of these cases and under the micro
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amount of success. If comminuted or displaced the animal should be
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ITeber das Aul treten von Niereneleraenten bei schweren
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mencement of this attack of double pleurisy was clearly
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seizures and apoplectiform attacks as these only complicate
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tion experiments. Group I includes two bovine cultures and two
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as occurs in diphtheria and certain appearances of the
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respiratory tract and usually also older lesions of glanders
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tlitVering manifestations of the same heieditary disease his view is
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Privy Council to give tlie required Certificates of Proficiency in Vaccination
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that as little hardship as possible may be worked upon desir
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moreover taken considerable doses for upward of a month whence
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all rather firmly in order that the grafts might be retained in
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the body Dana and the vascular and glandular organs fail
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another tea party. Certainly this is the time for all non
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eign body to be introduced and left in the uterine cavity
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Feed Oats After Hay and Straw. The time required for
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tive usefulness of arms and legs provisional prostheses arm prostheses in
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to the invitation of the British Privy Council on behalf of the General
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forced. This most important group will be referred to in