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operative surgery in the sixteenth century, but little

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Hsmoptysis is one of the commonest incidents of pulmonary phthisis.

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British Medical Fortinks.— The Lancet corrects an impression

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motion for the approval of each recommendation shall be

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Baird, Dr. J. L. Stewart— -Virginia, Dr. Thos. E. Shauds.

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Bouchard's Nodositeter. Ugesk. f. Lajger, Kjelienh., 1886.

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the circumstances already mentioned indicate a disturbed state

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What the condition of the heart muscle in such cases is, cannot

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cases, however, it further demonstrated that the improvement

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isms. He probably calls out a new reserve, if a stock

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been almost as thorough as had been desired, to re-insert

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monly the important agent in its transmission. It is

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1889 UoLLESTON, Humphry Davy, M.A., M.D., 112, Harley Street, W.

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secdnd stage of labor — fifteen minutes, or a little more, before I

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vented in their case through a vicarious elimination of bile by the

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A recent careful contribution to the subject — one more step attempted for the

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increases in size, and a small phlyctenule, filled with muco-pus, appears on

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the left ventricle is flattened. The sphygmographic trac-

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found the /arns in 11 cases, or twenty per cent. The torus is more

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and Tr. Digitalis) and sudorilics (Pulv. Dovari) ; but, feeling the confinement of the

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form, of the male sex, is stated to have been brought to the ballot-box. It

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usually associated with inherited or acquired debility of constitution. A

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formula to express the solution of the most important

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of the extinction of malaria by the cultivation of the eu-

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of patients with exophthalmic goiter is the removal by resection of the

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I was for years a student in the largest and most ad-

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quently leads to unnecessary operative work and occa-

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123 cases operated on under the above indications, eight died from the

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tive. 32 Because diastolic dysfunction is increasingly com-

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burrowing under the skin, cause the irritation, found Sulph. 200