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103° F., but, whenever it does so rise, the rule should be inexorable:
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are contraindicated when the heart is weak and whenever internal con-
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sional dose of morphine for pain are the only medicines that seem to
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ment, and the one which should be pursued in every case, may it be
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Hospital of Philadelphia, the Elizabeth (United States Government)
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the most commonly used hydriatic applications has not entirely escaped
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which constitute so prominent a part of the group of so-called typhoid
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consequence the acid fatigue products, which have been maintaining a
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legislation upon the snbjc;-t nf medical education is harmful and
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Abdominal Compresses, and Free Internal Use of Water — Recovery. — M. W ,
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by swallowed mucus, warm sweetened water is readily taken through
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abdomen is painful and more or less swollen. Peritoneal effusion is
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Tarely, if ever, resorted to it. I have undoubtedly seen patients ap-
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ale really, the malt used being dried at a greater heat. Brown
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Thermic applications upon parts of the body by cold foot baths,
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^ For illustrative cases see Philadelphia Hospital Report, 1891, vol. i. p. 149.
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abnormal cow may, of course, produce abnormal milk from
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dicrotic. But this effect is not produced by the antipyretic bath,
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many specimens. It keeps late, and is a most toothsome apple
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According to Wood, alcohol increases the frequency of the
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definitely when exposed to the air. Sherry and Madeira are
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without being cured, fifty-seven per cent were completely restored to
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ing of the brain substance. The cerebral movements became at first
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Carlsbad in the United States! We should have; we have
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cine. Pathology was in its infancy as compared with the
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of fungi to eat. Botanically they are not close to the toad-
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with the surgical clinic. Salvador is still connected with the
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above treatment and examining it after ablation. The mucous mem-
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ceding months. In those cases in which complete retrocession was
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cus being merely a secondary factor, and Marmorek has been confirmed
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stat clicks in the hands of an assistant, he drops it, the hem-
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man who sidod liehind the har and ihe man who st(^(id in trdiit (d
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plished by a very brief period of experimental thyroid gland feed-
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ilacphail would be defeated by a large majority, but to-morrow's