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mosis had been carried on in three principal systems. The epigastric veins

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as it would take of food under normal conditions. Half as much

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where a prominent surgeon removed the breast by radical measures

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tenth this amount is necessary to get the best possible results.

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Scotland. Idiots and imbeciles under years of age may be received

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lished the noncontagious nature of that dreadful malady. He con

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The prognosis in horses if in fair condition depends entirely

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nutrients it must supply suitable specific products.

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and inexact. This will evidently come along the line

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license such order shall be by said Board entered upon its record.

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wanting in ordinary oithodoxy as to bring upon their

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lumbar vertebrae yet tender. Circumstances of a peculiar nature

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the attending physician the physician representing the

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An examination of the heart lungs and abdomen shows normal con

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Parker George Howard The relation of smell taste and the common

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Akt.. On the Comparative AcHcn of PreparaHons of Iron

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ask your indulgence for a few moments while I engage

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writer has found Gude s pepto mangan of iron the best preparation of

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plication of tlie ligature for spontaneous true or mixed aneurism of the

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freely applied sometimes nauseate and prostrate delicate sub

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tibies of the muscular coat are. not infrequent. Lastly

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tions in which it appeared expedient to divide the tendo

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of sterility in womfin who have borne children has led some writers to

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Chinnong the second emperor. To him also is accorded the credit of having

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son in belongs the credit of the first promulgation of the rapid

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panied by other signs of relapse such as diarrhoea dry

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tically proved this in the case of the elephantoid diseases

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of the year although having the smallest amount of sun

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fingers. The nails were not implicated. The application of the

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ings which suggest a segmented condition. It is doubt

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during the early hours is not refreshing and the time

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selves which rendered perm xnently hypecemic by the high aver

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is useless unless the collapse is due to secondary hemorrhage

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Guillard Huber and Hunter have demonstrated that the vessels