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cially if the writer's suggestions about the technic, which will soon be

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closed system for a certain time the carbon dioxid tension is uniform

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Marie and Marinesco 15 found, in addition to the usual changes which

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reported are to be regarded merely as a general gage of the relative

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who died in the second year without recurrence of the erythema. There

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lumen and consequent arrest of the nutrition of the tissues they sup-

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I cannot doubt that in many cases which have been described as

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Evidence obtained at Saxon mills, Spartanburg, while not at all

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courses of the prevailing winds as to preclude their free access, and force

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nary arteries may exist without angina pectoris. In some of these

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Synonyms. — Bronchocele, thyreocele, thick-neck, Derbyshire-

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was severely felt in the back. In many instances the suffering was

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lines or stripes of fatty tissue are intercalated between the muscle

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intense as to disturb the repose of the patient or as to be audible at

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cold to the touch. The temperature in fully developed cases is

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an attempt to obtain partial sino-auricular or sinoventricular block,

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may depend upon irregular action of the heart muscle itself, excite-

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there are only a few gray hairs to be seen and some are now more

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area. The internal coat is forced into the sacciform dilatation, and

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escapes from recurrence, the recurrences amounting to 45 per cent, of

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Accentuation of the second pulmonary sound occurs only in the

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tissue contained numerous fine fat droplets, suggesting fatty degeneration. The

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eration of the thoracic duct followed by increased pressure, and dila-

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hypertrophy and hypersecretion of the gland. Treatment with this

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they are carried ; or collections of micro-organisms may be thus con-

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purative, the arterial wall becomes softened and inflamed, and hemor-

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the beats must change to supply the various and varying demands

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ness, formication, extreme coldness, and is sometimes, though very

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eating there. In 1912 he developed pellagra, and in August, 1913, he died

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definite signs of cardiac decompensation. There were seven deaths

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chlorids or water, but the patient was incapable of concentrating the

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