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The occnrrence of many other cases, similar in character to this, has convinced

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diastole. Assuming, however, that there was a lesion due to congenital defect

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right hand then grasps the continuation of the rope at rear corner of pad

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morbidity and mortality of this hemoglobinopathy has

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application is quite limited. Preliminary aspiration is an un-

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brief, both the curable and incurable cases terminating either one

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FLINT, A.— A Practical Treatise on the Diagnoeia, Pathcdogy, and Treatment of Diseases of the Heart Sva $d.76.

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students, as well as in itself an absurdity. Now, gentlemen, if

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disposition to ache. This phase of rheumatism, as pointed

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rior cervical sympathetic gangUon, there is given off the recur-

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Head bobbed at the brim for twelve hours before engaging. Foetal

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In aplastic anemia there is no evidence of regeneration or activity

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transportation of 2 occurs, for at the partial pressure of this gas ex-

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hernia is not considered here, for in such cases the cause of the ob-

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LuMSDEN, L. L., assistant surgeon. Relieved from duty as

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of treatment, its course will be long and tedious, and that any neglect

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ligation of the uterine arteries. This is done in the broad liga-