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at the throat and ears. This should not be done first
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to the mistakes of women in dressing and education, recognize in
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these muscles is called trismus, or lockjaw. According to the
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i sethmoid bone, but I easily passed a probe through it into the
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have assuredly prevented. It indirectly favours the development
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in equal proportions ; a quantity of gurjun ointment is then given
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to practise in London without it. The physicians seem to
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to the patient. In one case, ten gallons of liquid escaped from
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successive crops and are preceded by a more or less diffuse and very painful
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broken or irregular course, disintegrated, or destroyed. The apical process
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abnormal deficiency of blood, or anaemia, are pathological conditions
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cerning delivery of the child's head with the mother lying on the side, for,
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such a little distance that at the first examination I was unwilling to
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motor paralysis, the vessels are flaccid, the blood for the most
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on September 26th, and left hospital on October 31st,
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patient, after everything is ready and all preliminaries
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Mikroiuyces Hofmanui, eine neue pathogene Hyphouiy-
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almost constantly discharged, excoriating the parts with
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had a patient at St. Anthony's brought in from the country, and
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After the addition of the fuchsine the bouillon is boiled
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Arnozan (X.) Du traiteiuent des eiiith(ilioraas de la
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Tuberculin. — Heron (Lancet, October 14, 1899) states that
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adherent to the coats of the eye, the removal is often a matter
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fication a perfected substitute food before we should
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catheter has been in contact with the urethral mucosa
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Gekriinte Preisschrift von Friedrich vou Esmarch. 4.
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lowed the coldness of the extremities, imperceptible pulse, stasis in the venous system and
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The results in Christiania have been about the same as in our
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each other, for the upper line of dulness is practically
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Dudley, D. E., acting assistant surgeon, granted leave of absence
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adhesion. Infiltration and even abscess of the lung is met with.
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tice was applied to the throat in the evening, and his
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joint was badly strained. No surgical advice was had, and, though suf-
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for not more than one year. — This punishment shall only follow on
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a bygone period, and consider the loss of time which Galenism
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at the time the onset of ventricular fibrillation. The ventricular rate
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arc, there is no longer a continuous flame, but the arc is
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abscesses in lymphatic glands were very common. Osteomyelitis of the
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Affections of the nails are by no means infrequent in psoriasis, and