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The nails may be attacked, being thickened, becoming brittle and

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else than the physics and chemistry of the hving organism,

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to Comdg. General, Dept. of the East, for assignment

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alveolus (fig. 7) ; this latter condition may be associated with a

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Dr. J. L. Cleary, of Kenosha: What are the trustees doing?

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(Sur Texhalation d'acide carboniquo, d'azote et d'acide

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made its way almost to the orifice of the canal, but

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for defective sight and came under the care of Dr. Hertz owing to

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seen the legs and pelvis lifted from the bed. During the

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tubercle. Tlie association of aiiaMiiia with pulmonary tuberculosis, except as

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ordinate to the Fire, and are affected and changed by

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and pulse at the wrist discoverable with great difficulty. These are the

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Dr. J. Da Costa has been appointed clinical teacher

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instalment in an extensive system of active treatment. He

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proposal to appoint two additional inspectors ought

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of its villi, being in apposition and apparently continuous with the wall of the uterine

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The sub-committees on medical expert testimony and on revi-

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mother tincture to be put in a pint of cold water, and cloths wet

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In acne, or that form of rash about the forehead and face,

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met with. In some instances gastro-intestinal troubles predominate.

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that after the apj)lication the temperature of the body is

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poisons are neither so universal, nor, where existing, so

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that while he was alive (zoontos emeio) the best of the Myrmidons

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tumors, all of which extend by continuity and involve all the tissues

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a view to saving tissue waste and getting fat into the circulation,

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of the starchy and saccharine constituents of the food into

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in his interest in the welfare of the Liverpool Medical

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Aqueous extract of the dry tubercle powder had no effect.

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