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axillary artery and cruel to the patient two considerations which will

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tal St. Mary s Hospital Metroi olitan Free Hospital

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of course the members who attended the meeting owe a large debt of

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The following case of twin labor with both children present

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be forgiven has led the self accused to commit suicide under the

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superheated air may result in the Most neuralgias and particularly

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involuntary discharges may take place. Enlargement of the spleen

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that an albuminous precipitate is not formed at room temperature. A

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posed to the lower surface of the right lobe of the liver it

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History. Lungwort is a herbaceous perennial growing

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pressing with only a moderate degree of force at the

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descendants of a typical antiseptic should have preserved

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though he lived to the ripe age of eighty seven years. Tliepe

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for completion of the full three dose vaccine series before

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are found during this period in the peritoneal exudate accord

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ralhbuni E. T. Emmerson points out the close relationship existing

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same bouillon culture were injected with antiseptic precautions into the

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could he be induced to partake of some food. He rested very

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have also published cases in which it was suspected that the disease had

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mouth eyes etc. become pale and bloodless emaciation

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flower heads of a species of chrysanthemum similar to our daisy.

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and then the water and he was then requested to repeat the

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munication On Disease nf the Mammary Areola preceding Cancer of the

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September th. Height without corsets four feet seven

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Hydrocephalus ex vacuo is the result of defective development of or

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to the size of a cantaloupe. And he could also peruse

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vomiting. She recognises objects but again has difficulty

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traction of the stone. This latter operation necessi

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presented in a convenient form clear and precise descriptions of all the

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call him was commanding and handsome Second Edition with. Illustrations.

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William Porter of St. Loius editor of the Weekly Medical Review

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whioh supposition appears to gt e amply demonstrateri

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