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so far as the symptoms of sneezing and nasal obstruction

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Meissner early in the last decade states that in the living tissues

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the content of the vitamine and the X substances in new and old

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and is at times very intense. There have never appeared

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oza na a local disease entirely independent of diathesis.

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mucous membranes. In consequence of chronic hyperemia

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Sectional view of loops showing strip of skin passing it through the apex

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ing and speciTically prohibits the use of oocain in any patent

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Dr. George Blumer New Haven This is a very important subject

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nounced disturbances in nutrition and circulation may be ar

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only one exposure to contagion had taken place seven years be

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It the serious question meets us Is our profession equal to

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in the early stage the skin is excessively tender the patient

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such. The difTerential diagnosis has not been made with

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learned structure he learned function that he might be

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A very important question is whether there is any possi I

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Still later the superfluous external callus is absorbed and

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the throat oesophagus and stomach vomiting purging

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that in speaking out as we did we have every reason

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observation with not the least trace of aberration as the eye is

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of ether the spirit of nitrous ether dulc and in cases

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difficulty or on slight traction they may break off short. Moreover the

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need not be prolonged. One thing is certain that these

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probably existed for thousands of years before that

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little or no reaction great restlessness copious sweat. As most of

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thought. The blot on the old system was that one failure

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at least were infected from bovine origin at least in Manchester

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But in spite of doubts and disbelief on the part of

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give it an air of importance the handbill declares he has discovered

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rapidly in intensity towards the apex where however both parts of it

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members or legal guardians. If no patient representative is

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ley the chemical analysis of fourteen.specimens of water

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lar had had under consideration some important ques

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conciliated and endeared him to all whose name will enkin

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your minds by attempting to lower any one in your estimation.

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for nonmembers. Have increased membership in the associa

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nine or ten weeks one of them recovering the other dj ing of

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apples asparagus. Great care must be taken that the pat

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name of each constituency separate figures showing the

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been getting thinner. At this stage the physical signs are

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may mention the incomplete dilatation of the os uteri the situ

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more due to a general wave of health all over the country

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which ha e led to surgical interference you must seek beyond and

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In four of the patients the lesions did not disappear after seven

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of gait or carriage should be examined naked. Every

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gangfion has such an evident presiding influence over the rest even

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vine and which is of a coarse indigestible and gritty nature.

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whose muscular system is well braced instead of having a mode