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l'>om a statistical standpoint, much value should
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dividuals is certainly not justifiable from an analysis
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hospital are invited to present cases, specimens, and in-
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Board of medical officers convened to meet at the Ma-
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motor which had been so generally — as well as er-
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the original Pulmotor. He showed also the original Pulmotor.
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as high as fifty-five. Epithelioma is extremely rare
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ically, the remedy does not find its indications in
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cometh to passe, that whereas women have a marvellous
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curring .annually per one thousand population being
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making it possible for medical attendance to be had
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the fact that no instrumentation is required for the
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iodides, quite apart from the possibility of a syphi-
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tion of fruits, vegetables, etc., from the infected districts
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freak medical journalism complete sets of Vols, ii,
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tember 15th, returned to his proper station. Fort Des
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Nurses' Home Dedicated. — The new home for nurses
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])efore use; and those giving a positive reaction re-
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heated to 100° C. and allowed to cool, is less dan-
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A. Wilson, an itinerant vendor of medicine, who had set
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•A Handbook of the Surgery of Children. By E. Kirmis-
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ing August 27, igio, the deaths from all causes reported
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By Foster, this orsi'an is considered the very begin-
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the cord was exceedingly pale and the contrast in color of
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Two days after the tirst operation a similar relaxation
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The Health of Philadelphia. — During the week ending
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ing November 5, 1910, the deaths from all causes report-
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volve a radical operative procedure, we should wel-
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bureaus failed in their duties because they were presided over
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is necessary. In stating this view I am only stating
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at once recurred, being highly suggestive that this
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alcohol in intoxicating liquors, or the effects of the
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of passive hyperaemia. The organ contained a number of
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collapsible, stiff' walled, but not too large, will be-
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health boards and school authorities with regard to start-
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ease (C>). It iinthin^'. therefore, but an abnor-
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Wiggins, who also saw the case, but patient would not give
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tains that the value of a knowledge of Latin is not