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I have further seen the rapid involution of the tuber-
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Anaemia is not associated with nervous irritation (or nervousness)
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cities, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania held, in a decision
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It is most frequent in young children, but occurs at all
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the Pathologic;d Institute in Berlin together with Eriinkel, led
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(tars(^lllastil■). Marseille m6d., 1897, xxxiv, 613-616.—
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measles, is characterized by rose-colored spots of various
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In the side view, an oval coloured band is seen near the outside of the dumb-
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Of the whole four hundred and seventeen deaths, the
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the surface. Beyond the ulcer the mucous membrane shows no sign
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I would like to say a word regarding the Erlich test: I have no
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of a single instance where the disease proved fatal to
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signs of Graves' disease, is imperative in all these cases.
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J]e it therefore enacted bij tin- authurili/ aforesaid, That the
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aided by pleuritic adhesions to the chest wall. Against this speak
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which occurred in Vienna, and in which the patient was buried while in
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showed wasting of the right gluteal, hamstring, and gas-
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day he was much more relieved than he was on morphin.
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and kills them with a rapidity quite unknown in typhus, for
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pentose are present in association the former will be destroyed by fermen-
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Diuretics, such as theobromine, the potassium salts, etc., may also be
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eruption appeared on the body. On admission, pulse 120, small ; tongue florid at
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fection. — One case of variola is prima facie evidence of the existence of
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congested and the tongue will be irritable, with red papillse standing over its
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From observations made on the circulation of the rabbit
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somewhat retracted lesser curvature; he found the gastrohepatic and
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system ? It is certain that in many oases it is received into the alimen-
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may predispose to disease by the continued exposure to heat or
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cases where disease of the vessels is attended with unusual