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tube B. C x is the number of ml of 0.010712V sulfuric acid

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cited 10- 7 and 10- 8 ) where the 50 percent endpoint

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ear-trumpet, etc." We could wish that he had been a little more

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ovarian cyst), or of a malignant tumour (such as a columnar-celled carcinoma),

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mended for maintaining cultures of anaerobes and for

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according to the presence or absence of the fibrin-forming substance.

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The expression is painful and anxious. Eound about the mouth there is

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is followed by all pharmacists in this country, and also in England

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close, with special attention to the pubic and anal regions, since

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of the larynx are opposed to the use of the process of Schrotter

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longer escapes the senses, or when the intoxication has become evident.

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and probable course of the disease, of the indications for treat-

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ture to 101°, or even to 104°, takes place just before the rash comes out.

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the average barometer reading for the room temperature. (With

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thorax if due to aspiration would not have persisted for two

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also atrophic, and may be produced by pressure of tumours, or by the con-

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described below provides enough saturated solution to

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a. Single Samples. A specimen of urine passed at one voiding

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making estimates of the number of bacteria (living or

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should throw more light on these, and better ones very surely

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blood-sugar was high — 0.28 per cent. — the percentage of sugar

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to a variety of local treatment. The writer's experience is,

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serum, because it compensates for light absorption by