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becomes "frozen," plunging the syringe in hot water may expand

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the blood by pushing the plunger. Withdraw the needle

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Folliculitis decalvans.— This is a chronic folliculitis of the hairy

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the forehead and in the temporal regions, whence it spreads over the

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cause strain, but it is otherwise with the beginner. If neuritis should

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cram are not education. Too, bookish an education, again, may be

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the patient through the fit, or to let her severely alone ; and in any case,

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the softest feather bed and courtliest quarter of the town.

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confusion in this matter. The irritation is excessive, and the child is

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Causation. — Tetany is met with at all periods of life, but occurs

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shoulders, which will spread, often with great rapidity, to form large

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of committing suicide may suggest the act; or again it is a persistent

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or starch powder with small quantities of salicylic or boric acid. But,

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moment, to do ludicrous things or to say something of which, under

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amount that he proposes to spend is utterly disproportionate to his

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elongated, and this elongation Neumann attributed to a new growth of

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certainly the nose, mouth, tongue, pharynx, glottis, and vulva ; in these

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indeed to the dermatologists of London. The outbreak at Paddington was

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vol. vi. p. 65. Acute Circumscribed (Edema: 4. Courtois - Stofit. General

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homeopathist for the children — on the plan, I suppose, of

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moments when sleep has overpowered the deep resolves of

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occurrence ; they consist mainly in a symmetrical erythema on the chest,

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(1) In a small test tube, mix 1 drop of the 2 percent sus-

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eight weeks ; the usual time being about one week. The complication

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electrolysis. He recommends also the constant application of Vigo's

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pointer scale that the rest-point of the pointer is shifted by a

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as was needful for a man of fashion, he affected somewhat

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discover a parasite in the former, however, have failed ; and Leloir has

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IIL), was Dr. Myersbach. Contemporary with Myersbach

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more and more marked in the later stages of the disease, the lesions

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morbid process." This we seldom have an opportunity of measuring, as

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Dr. Weir Mitchell has described local hyperidrosis as a sequel of

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unknown impediment to the circulation. Unna agrees with him as to the

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