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were affected in an e(pial proportion, (d) Age. — Most cases occur between

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the diagnosis of the sthenic form entirely easy. Especially valuable

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litis often give rise to almost identical symptoms. Amyotrophic lateral

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pectoration may be wanting here. A serious form of pneumonia (lobar

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or less enlargement of the skull. In the later acquired forms the cranium

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dial constrictions, smothering, and painful anxiety are correspondingly

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closely approximated, or even overlap one another. The tactile fremitus

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cartilages) often lead to destructive ulceration and sloughing, and these

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first, to the corresponding joint on the opposite side, then to the other

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transudation and the direct removal of the serous effusion from the

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Maternity on West Newton Street was added to the facilities of

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the blood-current. The material, generally fibrin, usually comes from

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and the persistent use of lead and phosphorus are also excitants.

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the Ewald test breakfast is ordinarily employed. In my experi-

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connection with the pneumogastric nerve. It forms the motor portion

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is of immoderate extent the extension of dulness does not keep pace

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by stupor and coma, the latter occurring usually within forty-eight

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transverse portion of the aorta, in which instances pain is commonly felt

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but warmed or at the temperature of the room. Boiled milk is objection-

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