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gathering of veterinarians and a season of much educational

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Treatment. This is a very simple matter if adopted in time and

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and traces remained in the urine for more than three months

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upon any substance in a state of putrefaction or rottenness or upon any

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Over our medicine lay a plaister of Burgundy pitch and

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find it to be painless without irritation and without toxic effects

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especially if there is secondary ulceration. It is absent

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skin is not yet fully elaborated and a rigorous classification is hardly

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In order to give our Medical Colleges an opportunity to consider

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advanced by some of the more prominent writers upon

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of the thyroid. In another class of cases the disease is persistent that

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sale of cigarettes to minors and imposing a severe penalty

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cases have been recorded by French surgeons in whicli

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bonic acid gas and is by the agency of sunlight decomposed

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pneumonia is that it is anatomically an inflammation of

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There was an express enactment in the Act of amp Vict. c.

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agonizing pain resulted from the great stretching and tension of the

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prairie receiving no further attention. It is stated that the percentage

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auf die Wehenthatigkeit des Uterus. Archiv. fur Gynukologie

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ing vessel which are exposed directly to the transferred blood lest there