Lotrisone Eczema

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have many of the attributes of ordinary hyperplasia and some features
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extent, this diminishes the muscular contractility, and the
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cause of many cases of general malnutrition and that its discovery, or that of any
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digiosus toxines. — Mrs. X., aged twenty-nine years, first noticed a small
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Biologic methods (Pfeiffer's test and agglutination} are best for exact identifica-
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tumours, and it is therefore a question how far these symptoms should be
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patient may run forwards several hundred yards, and then fall in a fit.
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pipe-stems, or any sulwtanoe which can be shaped and hollowed
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function of ureter and bloodvessels markedly interfered with; in women
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cal evidence, in face of the clear, unhesitating, and
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ject to that disease, and was induced to pay another sum of two
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There were 948 children born alive — 483 males, and 465
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Reprint. AUo: St. Louis M. Era, 1895-6, iv, 37-41.—
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In all of these cases the blood may flow downwards into the
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The wound was about an inch and a half long, depressed, and
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in the Secretary's office have been adopted in order to secure
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formations. Consider possibility of pregnancy when Instituting therapy.
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potassium, which drug, as the authors justly observe, does not seem to have
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is, and who now, in the zenith of Professional success, are
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registration. Mrs. Welch, Mike Dunn, and Charlie McCall all went
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quick and scrutinizing glances, or often fixed, appa-
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* The patient in whom this case occurred, was a labourer, foriy-
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bacillus found after the entire disappearance of the membrane. Among
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ture cessation of the erection. The sexual weakness may be characterized
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gonorrhoeal matter. Slight ulcers were produced, which in
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extent, but that the increase is really not evanescent but
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sional, and would not dream of being personally guilty of such an impro-
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poisoning. The urine, in addition to the findings of the acute
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■with ox-gall, etc. This part of the paper was concluded
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on the mucous membranes of the eyes, stomach, and vagina.
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monia of Cullen and that of the present day. In these
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of one of my fingers and placed in the tube labelled A 1.
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