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Fever.) The bath is usually followed by sleep, with lowered respiration
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by the Use of Calabar Bean. Bv P. D. Kbyseb, M, D., Surgeon
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Pneumothorax is a frequent complication of empyema. (See Pneurno-
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that of the chronic poisoning ; if the subject be syphilitic, continuous mild
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such slight disturbance as not to attract particular attention. The prac-
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that he has obtained extraordinary results from hypodermic injections
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The ingenuity of the skillful auscultator goes farther, in deter-
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surface. They are not infrequently associated, especially at the apices,
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but is capable of resisting repeated freezing and thawing. It has been
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that a ward should be opened in one of the hospitals at Macon,
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tered by the mouth, but not hypodermically, at least with any freedom,
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TREATMENT. There is no known specific treatment of vertigo. Be-
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more harm than good. Alcohol is to be employed in proportion to the
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usually due to some demonstrable cause, such as traumatism, exposure to
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an accident the amount of injury to the back may not be apparent. The
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judge of its merits and defects more impartially, and I trust the time
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action of the heart. If death ensues, it may be sudden or gradual from
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prinoiple of atmospheric in&otion; and as there are much more