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much restricted in any normal birth. For an extensive laceration,
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(1840). Cholemia causes a special anemia; a diminution in the
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from the tertiary period, that in which diagnosis is most difficult, there
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and sugar to taste, 3 oz. of butter, }i pt. of flour.
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the basin up with fruit, and cover it with a slice of bread made
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smoke, I almost every week advise ladies to try the effect of smoking
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phur) which is known to be obnoxious to parasites in general.
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generally caused by the formation of comedones, which, if not emptied,
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PROCARDIA is suggested. Close observation is especially recommended for patients already
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terior nasal speculum in place. After the parts are
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continent and spread by contagion. Among these may be
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oldest in New England, fitted with complete facilities and a carefully selected
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ment for injecting the deep urethra, which he believed
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tion depends mainly upon the means and certainty o( egress
acquired, and the middle ear has become so susceptible to catarrh,
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the heart and pulse. This is easily done by the power of
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cord is most marked on the posterior surface, the amount of subarachnoid
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demand a certain standard of preliminary training be-
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cloudiness, which is pretty equally opaque from top to bottom.
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