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The accompanying figures represent the means of the

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had already had an opportunity of laying before Sir George

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of greatest pain and tenderness was in the left iliac region.

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tion of sanitary inspectors is not a personal matter at all, and

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degree. This is now to be placed within the reach of ladies

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lence of this aflection in women ; they were chiefly dependent

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little good in the face of tlie report of the Commission. He

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parently to iliac appendicitis ; and five to retro-csecal appendi-

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admission on January .3rd the patient looked ill; temperature 101.8°,

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judging as any court in the world. Again, Mr. Graham had

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judges, after hearing all the arguments at great length, have decided

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vaccination of infants and young persons was unjustifiable,

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and duties, as connected solely with the British troops of the army there.

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While discussing the prevalence of the disease, the Corn-

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was examined at some length, and, after the jury had returned

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This continued for two hours, and then she fell asleep for an hour.

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A. T Greenhill, College of Medicine, Newcastle-upon-Tyne ; H. H.

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such that tlie Scotcli Otftce should specifically approve. > To

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St. Leonards; M. Bucher, Paris; Mr. H. T. Butiin, London. (C) Dr.

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K. should have been permitted to supersede the old family medical

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less one could make cultures of them and actually watch their formation

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geou. Rooms, commons, and washing provided. Appointment for six

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notified in the same way the fact of communication with Dr. E. and Dr.

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dences of the toxic action upon the nervous system of

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serve to illustrate, I believe, the chief complications which

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Bequests. — The late Mr. John Francis Greswolde-Williams,

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dence that the infection is long retained by clothes.

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the Massachusetts General Hospital, an office in which he

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speaking, within the limits of the latter, so that the amount of deformity