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lateral laryngectomy for cancer no recurrence after three
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were accepted as the most prominent signs of the fever the
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a week. While recovering from this acute parenchymatous
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the saliva that has been observed may be due accord
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vine and which is of a coarse indigestible and gritty nature.
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Treatment consists in the absolute interdiction of the tobacco this may
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became rational and I was enabled to get a satisfactory view
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him to add something in detail on the subject of the
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ix rsisted in spite of treatment by chlorate of potas
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bitter. Pinkroot is carelessly gathered and of ten mixed
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Mr. Harold Fayle furnishes the following abstract of obser
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if on the other hand the irregularity is due to atrial fibrillation it
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The cells are swollen in many instances to twice their normal size the
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of disease in India unknown to Europe and therefore irremovable
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we can rule out flutter immediately. In the tachycardia of
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hypnotic in absence of pain dose gr. xx as an antiseptic
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The child a female was premature about weeks and weighed
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tween relations and though there is something quaint laws on
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with which it islcombined instead of belonging to the alcoholic or
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Having thus noted the conditions essential to the result
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I have had no experience with intracapsular fractures and am therefore
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season according to the individual circumstances of the case.
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cians before the time of Laennec. Weber however objects to
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discoloration appears about the eyelids and other parts of
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being tired in our lionour burst. Then we saw the man. Before
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stant stirring on gms. of pure boric acid. The paste thus formed