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fact that the fluids of the tissues of the body were alkaline.

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drawal syndrome with increased angina probably related to increased sensitivity to catecK

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in the disease no sacrifice is too great if judiciously made.

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distinguishes this alkaloid from other cinchona alkaloids.

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These authors treated fifty patients who showed various mani

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Dr. Walter F. Morgan relates a case of puerperal con

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industrial uses its dangers as already pointed out are mostly from

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marily and chiefly upon the gland cells which line the convoluted tubes.

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Dr. Weidner The cases have only been running six days. I did

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Chicago Gynecologist to St. Luke s Hospital President of the

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he expresses uneasiness it is principally from a sore throat which

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aiterv in the parietes or the stomach wall itself. ihe remote dan

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to the whole depth of the valve. A ruptured valve is

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where I was able to show beforehand that information would

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it is intended to benefit. The efficacy of fomentations

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as usual by the opening of the Medico hygienic Exhib

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Every clinician admits the peculiarity of individuals. It is

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chronic mediastinitis reported by Howard and he believes it to be of

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the parotid gland. The child recovered. In one week

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one anatomical fact which he would regard as character

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servations I feel justified in concluding that animals vaccinated

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Dr. Salter s drawings and many plates and figures in the

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Tere Sambucum cum aqua ut fiat solutio in qua solve Nitratem. Capiat coch.

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fixed and definite policies as to eligibility appointment assignment

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nerve for the sake of influencing its connections calling to your attention

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in accordance with the clinical indications every four hours

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The prognosis in circumscribed chronic atrophic para

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assistant superintendent of the Training School for Nurses

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but that a sudden strain or wrench will develop sjanptoms which gi ow

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Medical Association did not set the seal of its un

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them we must take care to observe whether local congestion or

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