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think of ordering firom a work of this description. Again, if
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inknd to Entais abont the middle of last month. It was introduced, says the
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Foumier introduced it to European notice with exaggerated
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string of globules, 'i'his discovery will also explain many circumstances con-
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physicians, one being the Dean of the Faculty, and some other
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of the disease, and a favorable symptom at that. In
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The American editor remarlis in the preface to this volume, that one alteration
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would result from our periodical medical literature being exclusively of this
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their priority, I have constructed a second instrument, the
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being then in apparently good health. It is not stated at what
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his fall, or more still to the blows which he affirmed had been given him while
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time admit, left in a damp cellar for twenty-four or thirty-six hours, and subse-
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the attention of the medical profession in this country the following resolutions
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apparatus, on the one hand, and the malapplication of it on the
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Obstetricae, art. Hemorrhagia. Compressio aorta descendentis, p. 261. Tubingoc, 1808.
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the exact shape and position of which should be made out by
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a case the soil robs the gas of its odor, but not of the poi-
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sponding to the loss of substance, and the full condition of the surrounding tissues.
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vomiting along with the episodes of fever but never
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and diarrhoea gradually wore him out^ and he died exhausted^ May
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promised well.— JBrJ^wA Medical Journal, Oct. 26, 1867.
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The baby usually goes into a state of inanition and suc-
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being J of i per cent., the solution being prepared by the
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so far round sometimes as to cause him to tumble down, screaming
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small quantities of urine are symptoms. The disease
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favor the development of the disease in a neurotic indi-
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less perfect; so that at last there was no intermission, but manifest exacerba-
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so, the way to determine whether or not to buy one is this:
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answer to a recent paper of Professor ItoUeston's, on the subject of
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scription are collected by pedlars, and may thus come into the possession of
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splitting into perfect triangles. In short, the iodo-sulphates of the
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of treating human beings who import disease into any country,
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sidious affection of the kidneys or arteriosclerosis (hard-
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evening and partaking of a course dinner or attacking a
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or actual choleraic sickness among their shipping, or on shore,
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considered catching. Indeed, there is little scientific
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it deposits itself as a mist, in which by degrees snow-white spots,
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common and peculiar to all districts where goitre is endemic,
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of epithelial cylinders, the diameter of which varied from 0'05 to 0*1
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existed there so soon as August 4. But whether it did or not,