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scopical examination. A hydatid of the liver may become very large ; it

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enlarged carpal end, the swelling is made up (as noted in the rib) of

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recovering from an acute nephritis, it is probable that the kidney is

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able cases, on the appearance of the bubo, profuse perspiration sets in, and

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Ulcers in the jejunum are, as a rule, few and far between, and generally

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peripheral neuritis, an affection which attacks the legs oftener than the

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from cases of scarlet fever were different from those from other

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paracentesis is performed, the presence of blood in the exudation favours

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lied '." \ohniteered Kllen, looking pityingly at the nodding assist-

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cultures of human tubercle bacilli, into the peritoneal cavities of fowls.

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one-fifth of a grain of mercury bichloride, ad mi nistered at suitable

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he is unable to Ik down : he refvifes to walk, though

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extracts, but as virgin women have suckled voiintr anri h;ii c i • .^^

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the curry-comb helps perfpiration ; and it is a known

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of nitre, a quart of vinegar, and apint of oil, mix

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mortality than most of the o^her trades, their death-rate in England being

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a marked intolerance of tobacco. In the act of smoking, nicotine is