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Why SEO Campaigns Fail


Suppose you have set up your website and have instructed an SEO company to begin work on your site. The biggest fear you have is that you are laying out a lot of money for your SEO and how do you know if it is going to work? Well the aim of this article is to look and why SEO campaigns fails and ways in which you can ensure that doesn’t happen to you.

Why Campaigns Fail

The first thing to look at is that many companies that you can instruct to do your SEO might give you a vague proposal. If you don’t understand what your SEO company are going to do than how can you know if it is working of if they are doing what they should be doing?

Many clients do not sit down with their SEO company and set specific goals. Without this you have no real way of measuring your campaign to make sure it is working for you or your business. This could result in a perceived failure of a campaign. Yet how can you fail nothing?

What to do to be a Success

If you are going to have a successful SEO campaign then it is important to determine what you are going to be a success of. This seems obvious but it is something many SEO companies and their clients miss. So what sort of things should you be considering to set as goals for your campaign? This can be a difficult thing to answer and should be tailored for each specific business. Below are some examples of goals you can set for your SEO campaign:

1. To increase the traffic to your website
2. To get more newsletter sign ups
3. To increase your sales

These are just examples of things you can set for a website but you need to think about what you want to get.

Once you have set your goals you then need to get some information from your SEO company about when and how these will be delivered. You need to find out what strategy they are proposing, what the deliverables are and what the timeline for those deliverables are.

Now that you know what you want to achieve and how you are going to achieve it you know what to measure. This will allow you to very easily determine whether your campaign is a success of not. Also your chance of succeeding is much greater if you know what you want to achieve.


Although some SEO campaigns fail due to poor work this is usually not the case. The vast majority of SEO campaigns that fail do so through a lack of adequate goal setting. When you are setting yours up you need to make sure you have a set timeline and can monitor things all the way along the line. This will allow you to see where you are half way through a 12 month campaign. Are you on target, behind it or ahead of it? If you have no way of telling then there is a chance that you will not be where you want to be. If you find your SEO company is not forth coming with goals then you should insist on it. After all you want to know what you are trying to achieve as well.

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