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Significance of Technology to Business Strategy

By: Robert II Smith

Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) is being adopted by managers in the Business Service Management (BSM) Market and business executives for Business Process Monitoring (BPM) to increase business efficiency. Systar provides BAM solutions to business and managers that need real-time access to critical enterprise performance information, and need to reduce the latency between when information is measured and decisions are made to ensure business activities unfold as expected.

Organizations are integrating their computing infrastructures and business processes in new ways – creating "valuechain" services, and staking their future success on these new services and on the computing infrastructure that delivers them. This significantly increases the risk of failures and breaking their business commitments, and makes the performance of the entire value-chain critical to business success to ensure service delivery fulfills business commitments and enables instant business decisions.

Business Bridge BusinessVision is a real-time business activity monitoring solution that enables business operations staffs, business executives, application groups and business process owners to take proactive control of their business in real-time. This has become critical to the success and competitiveness of today’s businesses because of the evolution of the real-time enterprise and the demand it has placed on business operations to reinvent the way they monitor their businesses and manage their integrated value chains.

Business Bridge BusinessVision is a Business Process Monitoring (BPM) solution that provides real-time access to critical key performance indicators (KPIs) that tell you how you are performing against the business objectives that you want to monitor. It has powerful drill-down capabilities so you can access critical detail that may take hours or even days to find today. With its real-time predictive monitoring capabilities you can anticipate performance problems, gauge activity levels, adjust resources, modify a process, stop a task, balance workload with workforce and increase IT resources. Real-time root cause and analysis functions make it easy to zero in on where problems are, whatever the origin, and it automatically notifies the right people that there is a potential for a problem and provides them the critical detail they need to address it. BusinessVision draws from a library rich with knowledge ware that reflects Systar's deep industry experience, making implementation seamless and an ROI more immediate.

MS. Project

If you are responsible for coordinating a variety of specific tasks that must be completed within a specific timeframe for a set amount of money, or is in a industry like pharmacy this technology can be used.

Developing a software product, publishing a newsletter, implementing a training program, starting a new business or even building a new home are some of the projects that millions of people embark upon everyday. How does Microsoft Project 2000 help you do this? It helps you put together a plan of action, fill in and organize all the details that must be completed in order to achieve your goal. Right from building a new project to preparing your project for publication, tracking progress, analyzing costs, assessing the quality of your project and managing multiple projects, Microsoft Project 2000 does it all.

Project 2000 is based on the Office 2000 software model and is the newest version of this software. What's new in Project 2000? Apart from being an easy and flexible tool it expands into web compatible software, thus enabling easy communication. It expands the workgroup features that originally appeared in Project 98. Along with Microsoft Project Central 2000 and Microsoft Internet Information server, members in any team can view project data with any browser and exchange information easily, irrespective of their locations. A project can be saved into the corporate Intranet and email workgroup features can then be used for communication. Programs such as text readers and speech recognition software can be configured easily to work with Project. To summarize, Microsoft Project 2000 helps you stay in control with minimum effort and in minimum time.

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